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Morpholio Board for iOS

Morpholio BoardPro

Awarded “Best App,” Board is the interior designers’ dream software. Called “Ideal” by Interior Design, “Addictive” by ELLE DÉCOR and “Stellar” by Design Milk, Board combines your perfect products library with a dream set of tools and the mobility to work or present anywhere. Welcome to the future of interior design.

Board Pro for iOS

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AR Color Capture

A new tool that lets anyone virtually sample, experience and record colors from the world around them. Not only is this a new way of experiencing color, but also a new way of allowing color to influence décor, design and sourcing.

Morpholio Board AR


Meet Ava: the new best friend to designers of all types who want to think and work with images, while allowing precise, as well as beautiful, deliverables to be generated for them. Short for Automated Visual Assembly, Ava is the patent-pending future of interiors added into the new Board Pro. It was invented to package images and information more intelligently - optimizing beauty, clarity, and ease - and allowing designers to navigate seamlessly from process to presentation.

Morpholio Board Ava

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Board's "Interior Elite"

Morpholio Board is proud to feature the following "Interior Elite" and we thank them for their amazing design, innovation and support of a creative world.

Morpholio Announces Products of the Year 2018

Find strength in “lightness” as it shines through this bold collection of furniture and fixtures.

Board Best Products Residential

Board Best Products Commercial

In recognition of the universal courage, resilience and hope that will propel us into 2018, Morpholio has selected a group of outstanding products that resonate for their transparency, truth in detail, unapologetic feminism, and lightness. Seeking radical optimism for the year to come, we are inspired and uplifted by the clever, innovative and beautiful designs that have emerged from the passion of creatives around the globe.

“Our trends team was not surprised when Ultra Violet appeared as Pantone’s color of the year, as it says so much about how polarized forces can unite to form something that is beautiful, primarily for it’s strength. It is not a soft or easy color. We feel the same about the pieces selected here. They make bold moves, take chances, and exude what we call 'critical lightness' – taking seriously our need for beauty, playfulness, and exploration."

Morpholio Board looked at thousands of products to track trends amongst its growing community of professional and non-professional interior designers. Morpholio’s curatorial team, user data and influencer insights all helped to inform this selection for 2018. You can see more about all of these products in the Board App’s “Featured Products Gallery”.