Trace for Apple Business & School Manager

Work Better. Save Money. Manage Use.

Simply Purchase and Distribute

Buy as many licenses as you need with a one time purchase from Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Distribute Trace to your institution's devices or even your employees' or students' devices with ease. No recurring subscriptions or other purchase necessary to ensure a full-featured experience.

Premium Support

Support and resources to get you started and make the most of Trace just like our App Store subscribers. Receive special developer-level support if purchasing 50 or more licenses.

Security and Control with an MDM

Use your licenses with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Distribute Trace to all your devices with ease while securing data and controlling access remotely. Don’t use an MDM? Consider a normal Trace subscription to meet your small business needs.

Get Started.

Why enrollment? Trace for Apple Business Manager (ABM) & Apple School Manager (ASM) is made available privately as a "custom app". In order to grant your IT department access, we must collect your Customer ID and Customer Name as it appears in ABM or ASM and use that information to approve and register your account. Once registered, the app will appear in your Content section of ABM/ASM where you'll see the current price per license and have the opportunity to buy and distribute as many licenses as you require.

*You can find this under the "Settings" tab
under "Enrollment Information"

Not sure what it is? Learn more here.

*As it appears in the Enrollment Information
(must be exact)

$199.99 per transferable license*


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We will follow up within 24 hours on your registration status. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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*$199.99 is a one time purchase price. No recurring subscriptions or other purchase necessary to ensure a full-featured experience.

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